The Chinese firm Aiways will debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Aiways - Roland Gumpert Nathalie Hires

If something good has brought the evolution of > Automotive sector is the number of signatures that appear. However, many of them never reach a desired size or success, because the competition is brutal. To date, the only one that has achieved notable repercussion is Tesla Inc , although from time to time rumors about its viability arise. With everything from China a new firm is ready to eat the European market: Aiways .

For those who do not know, the life of > Aiways is very short, since it was founded in 2017. However, it has had a very valuable partner: Roland Gumpert . Together with him, they have developed two models with which to make the leap to international markets. In addition, they do it to the last one, because they are propelled by a electrical system and another one to fuel cell . Perhaps, the point where they fail is in the design , although this is subjective.

A sports car and an SUV are the first Aiways models

Aiways U5

The first model we will know is the Aiways RG Nathalie , a risky design supercar. Its propulsion system, based on a fuel cell, is powered by ethanol. The energy generated by it feeds four electric motors that allow it, according to the brand, to reach a maximum speed of 305 kilometers per hour. In addition, it has a autonomy of 1,200 kilometers , a remarkable figure for the type of model in question.

The second model is the > Aiways U5 , an SUV that belongs to the Segment D , since it reaches 4.68 meters in length. This model is driven by an electric block that develops 188 horsepower and 315 Nm of maximum torque. The autonomy , according to the signature, which reaches the U5 is 460 kilometers , although they have not communicated the recharge time. A point in favor of the U5 is its technological and security arsenal, including elements such as alert of involuntary lane change.

As announced by the firm, both models will know them very soon. Specifically, the appointment chosen to disembark in Europe is the Geneva Motor Show . There, they will be presented to our market and then they will make the leap to Europe.