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About Advantage Logistics Colorado

At Advantage Logistics Colorado, our dual facilities are the cornerstone of an efficient distribution network tailored to meet the evolving supply chain needs of our clients. Advantage Logistics - Aurora, not only focuses on dry grocery items but also serves as a pivotal cross docking facility for our partner facilities in the Midwest region. Meanwhile, Advantage Logistics - Fountain excels in general merchandising, ensuring our clients benefit from our custom logistics solutions.

Our Services

  • Grocery Distribution: Our Aurora hub is a beacon of efficiency in the supply chain optimization techniques, managing a smooth flow of dry grocery items with precision.
  • Automated Warehousing: Utilizing warehouse automation technology, we have transformed storage and retrieval into a streamlined, error-minimized process that defines modern inventory management systems.
  • Product Cross Docking: Our strategic Midwest location facilitates a robust freight and cargo service, reinforcing the agility and responsiveness of your supply chain.
  • Reserve Product Storage: Our scalable warehousing solutions accommodate fluctuating inventory levels, ensuring your products are secure and accessible whenever needed.
  • General Merchandising (HBC): At Fountain, our general merchandising logistics operations integrate advanced supply chain planning to cater to a diverse product range with specialized care.
  • 3rd Party Logistics Solutions: Our end-to-end logistics services are comprehensive, providing everything from integrated supply chain services to logistics performance management to optimize your operations.

From the General Manager

The year 2014 is poised to unfold new opportunities for operational excellence. Embracing supply chain analytics, we are set to scale new heights in efficiency, reflecting our belief that there is no limit to better. With TEAM—Together Everyone Achieves More—at our core, we advance towards sustainable growth and sustainable logistics practices.

Find Us

Advantage Logistics Aurora
1933 Tower Rd,
Aurora, CO 80011
Our Aurora facility is a hub that not only meets but exceeds the expectations for regional distribution centers, embodying the pinnacle of Colorado’s efficient supply chain management.

Advantage Logistics Fountain
11025 Charter Oak Ranch Road,
Fountain, CO 80817
Fountain stands as a testament to our commitment to customized supply chain services, adapting to the unique challenges faced by our partners.

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