Lotus and Williams team up for the development of an electric hyper sports

Lotus Exige

The fate of Lotus is another one from that went from Proton to Geely . Proof of this is that in the coming years we must be attentive to their movements. The first announced are clear: transfer of production from Hethel to China and investment in new models. For this, his new matrix has put on the table an important economic package. However, we still did not know how they would carry it out.

That has been until now, as Lotus has announced an important partnership with another leading firm in the sector. The company that has been selected is Williams Advanced Engineering , and your help will be vital for the development and research of advanced propulsion technologies. In this way, they can alleviate one of their weak points: the lack of technology and their own engines for their present and future models. However, here the courses are different.

Electric technology inherited from Formula E

Williams Advanced Engineering

A few days ago we discovered that Lotus could be developing an electric supercar next to Geely . This model could yield a power of 1,000 CV and have a sale price of about 2 million euros. However, it seems that it will not be developed with Geely, but with Williams Advanced Engineering . The reason is simple: Lotus needs a very light and relatively powerful model and today, Geely does not know how to do it.

In this way, Williams would take care of the development of powertrain , which would be electric one hundred percent. This important component would benefit from the knowledge that the firm has acquired in Formula E. For its part, the design and manufacture of the chassis and structural components would be handled by Lotus. Thus, they would be shaping the project with internal code "Omega" , a name that already existed in the house of Hethel.

Phil Popham, CEO Lotus Cars has stated that

"Our new technology partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering is part of a strategy to expand our knowledge in the automotive panorama. The application of advanced propulsion systems can provide interesting solutions in multiple vehicle sectors "

For his part, Craig Wilson, CEO of > Williams Advanced Engineering

"Williams Advanced Engineering is proud to offer innovation to our customers that is born from our heritage in Formula One. We will continue to develop new latest generation engines in this partnership with Lotus "

We will have to be vigilant, because these plans could anticipate something very big in Lotus .

Source - Lotus - Williams

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