General Motors does not know what to do with Holden and could sell it

General Motors

General Motors does not know what to do to get out of the mess he has gotten himself into. His exit from Europe with the cessation of operations of Chevrolet and the sale of Opel to Grupo PSA should give him respite. However, their numbers continued badly, because the losses accumulated. Thus, to avoid greater evils he has had to expand his internal purge. In this way, you have cut ties with South Korea and in Australia the path could be similar.

Holden , It is the only auto firm in Australia. It has a centennial history, since it has 163 years of life behind it, it has gone through all kinds of situations. However, now he is more than ever on the tightrope. The reasons are several and simple, but there are two fundamental ones. First, that your structural costs do not allow you to be competitive in your market. The second, that General Motors does not give you products with which to compete in a local market covered by global models.

The options are several, but the sale takes center stage

 Holden Ends Australian Production

Taking into account both situations, General Motors would be thinking what to do with > Holden . One of the options would be to close this legendary signature, but the Australian government has put a lot of money on the table and would not be willing. The other, and more acceptable, would be to sell it to another firm , or signatures, that could re-float it. This option has been announced by the Australian Financial Review , leaving between seeing, what could happen to third hands.

According to this medium, the company that has the most ballots to take over She is Inchcape . This one, has the distribution rights of Holden for Australia, in addition to the signatures of the PSA Group and Subaru. To this day, the signature of the lion Holden has no industrial presence in the southern country and its range is composed of models of its still matrix. However, the plans of Inchcape, would go to give greater prominence to Opel, making Holden is diluted little by little.

The reason is simple: Opel and Holden They have shared models and history in the southern country. If this situation is met, the most benefited would be the PSA Group , which could introduce, again, Opel in this difficult market. However, for now there is no confirmation of this situation, more that conversations are taking place. We will see where it all ends up, but do not rule out that the French consortium itself will take over Holden to expand its synergies and business tentacles.

Source - Australian Financial Review

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